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Winter gardening: do not hide from the cold indoors

Posted by on Jun 5, 2018 in Decorations | 0 comments

During the winter months, you take refuge in your home and enjoy unforgettable moments with the family, from savoring a delicious apple pie to adorning the Christmas tree together. Once in a while, you admire the snowflakes touching the ground slowly from the window with a cup of hot coffee or tea in your hand. Yes, indoors is nice and warm during the holidays, but what about your garden? You should know that even though it looks bleak and stark, under the thick layer of snow, your garden still breathes; it just needs attention and at least the basic maintenance. According to experts, the most essential garden tasks that you need to complete in order to prepare your beautiful outdoor space for the cold months refer to digging up annual plants because they cannot survive the winter season, using hanging baskets and pots to grow other colorful plants like pansies, heather and snowdrops, fertilizing the lawn, taking care of those irritating weeds and young trees.


Invest minimum effort in winter gardening and you will not regret it

It might seem a lot of work, but making the most of your garden in winter definitely requires more time that adding Christmas tinsel all over the house, including the Christmas tree. For this reason, you have to make sure that you wear the necessary equipment to cope with the cold and be able to complete more than one task in a single day. Whether you opt for overalls or a fluffy sweater, keep in mind that keeping your hands and feet warm by wearing gloves and plush socks represents the most important thing. This will allow you to prune the trees. Do not hide from the cold indoors and witness your garden bear the winter’s wrath. There are so many things to do outside in order to spruce up your outdoor space. Take advantage of your free time and get down to work.

Garden tasks to complete before the cold season arrives

The reality is that you have to do some crucial garden chores even before winter arrives. For instance, some containers might not be able to get through this cold season so if you want to prevent them from cracking, you have to empty and place them upside down. Other items that you need to save by storing them in the garage include sprinkler attachments and hose nozzles. Make sure that you mow the lawn at the end of autumn to avoid those brown patches appear in the spring. In what concerns fallen leaves, you can either rack them or let them be for providing shelter to hedgehogs during the merciless months of winter.

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Interior design elements that attract buyers

Interior design elements that attract buyers

Posted by on May 18, 2018 in Decorations | 0 comments

Is the exterior of a house the only thing that attracts buyers? Some of them don’t even care how the house looks on the outside as long as it offers exactly the conditions and ambiance they are looking for. Of course, cases differ from one person to another and subjectivity always has a place in these discussions, but one thing is certain – some interior design elements can convince a person to buy a house, regardless of any other inconvenience that has to do with the property. For some, buying a house is the biggest investment in their lives and they won’t accept any kind of compromise when it comes to deciding their next step.

For others, buying a house is based on different purposes, such as finding a place where they can feel comfortable, where they can feel at home and at peace with themselves. The decor of a house can have a huge impact on the way a person feels when spending time in it. That’s why furniture, color palettes, and other design elements are so important when it comes to making people buy a property. They can fall in love with the smallest details and buy the whole lot just because of them. This article is going to list a few interior design elements that can attract buyers in an instant. Here’s what you need to know:


Real estate companies want unique properties

Most real estate companies that want to buy properties are tired of the same-looking ones they are encountering each and every day. If you make a quick search of we buy houses Salt Lake City all the results will point you to the very same direction – unicity. The more special a property looks like, the higher the chances of getting bought by a real estate company. Professionals know the value of the properties they see immediately after they walk in. They already formed an eye for impressive interior design elements: unique architecture, reconditioned furniture, personal decoration items, vintage items etc. The style in which a house was decorated is the reason behind the buyer’s choice.

Latest trends always sell

Talking about the most attractive interior design elements for this year, you should consider the following:

  • Area rugs

Expensive rugs can give a house personality. When they are visualizing a house, clients pay attention to details such as this one. Make sure to include design elements like rugs before putting the property on sale.

  • Patterned flooring

Regular flooring no longer attracts the eyes of buyers. Minimalism and simplicity were left in the past, while patterns and materials like wood are now in the center of attention.  Patterns like Moroccan tile, floral mandalas, detailed lace and damask patterns are the stars of 2018.

  • Wall graphics

People look for innovation and individualism. The best way to achieve that is by including art in the design of a house. Wall graphics are very appreciated by interior designers and buyers this year.

  • Eclectic furniture

Eclectic furniture involves using matching – but not similar style – furniture. The elements need to be consistent, yet creating an individual ambiance.

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Decorate your children’s room in an elegant fashion

Decorate your children’s room in an elegant fashion

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in Decorations | 0 comments

Decorating a children’s room is not something particularly easy, but in terms of elements that grow with your children and are stylish without compromising their imagination, the matter begins to take the form of the adult’s mental image of the perfect room for children. Of course, you must pay attention to the furniture, especially, if you want a room that will grow with your children. Because they are developing fast, they might outgrow the furniture in no time, and you will be forced to find new pieces at every stage of their development. However, some designer nursery furniture pieces have the ability to be transformed during your moppet’s childhood and help you save plenty of money, although the initial investment might be bigger. But let’s see how could you decorate your child’s room in an elegant, yet child appropriate fashion.


1. Designer nursery furniture

Fact is, these pieces will last you a lifetime. Invest in a rose gold cot and it will become a great toddler bed, and it could be used even in their preteen period. A changing table that turns into a dresser, once they grow, a nursing chair that becomes the main element of their reading corner when they grow up, they are all investments worth considering. A great example of such a designer is Bride & Wolfe, and we strongly recommend their pieces. They look amazing, and most certainly will last you a lifetime.

2. Paint their room in a neutral colour

While their furniture will most likely be in a gender-orientated one, it would be best if you’d were to choose a neutral wall paint colour. Take grey, for example. By choosing shades from this spectrum, you can create diverse simple patterns of the walls. Straight stripes, chevron stripes, they would all look amazing in a nursery, and if you collaborate with a great artist, they could integrate some colourful elements, such as clouds or even a smiling sun. They will create a pleasing contrast with the grey background.

3. Artwork that will last through years

We know that you are tempted to invest childish pieces. But they will not look classy, neither they will last through years. It would be best if you could integrate abstract pieces that are colourful enough for a child’s room, but will also look elegant and classy. This way, you could keep them through years and still look classy. Consider this option as an alternative.

4. Integrate architectural elements

We know that it would be easier to integrate boring elements. But only think what effect an architectural chandelier would have on a child’s room. Moreover, it will help your child develop their senses and imagination. It is a piece worth considering if you want a great child’s room, like no other out there.

These are some simple ideas you could use to decorate your child’s room in an elegant fashion, without compromising their imagination or the playful character such rooms must have.

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Small decorating ideas that put creativity to work

Small decorating ideas that put creativity to work

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017 in Decorations | 0 comments

Interior design is a fun and entertaining domain. Working in this sector must be exciting, but it certainly becomes even more so when the project you are dealing with is your very own home. Because interior design is all about creativity, it might be best to allow each and every idea to develop. Don’t dismiss any of your thoughts. You never know where the secret might be hiding. Just to be sure that you have grasped the general idea. Here are a few tips and tricks, which could be easily incorporated in your design. They are cost effective, unique and can really make any space seem like home.


Traveling map built with ribbons


Do you like traveling? Is it more than a passion, but a way of life? Do you enjoy talking about your latest adventures? If the answer is yes on all accounts, then you should find this idea interesting. Here is what you need. First, you will have to get your hands on a map, a large one, the kind that can be framed and put on a wall. Once you find it, you can step forward. Find a dedicated provider selling ribbons, one like and invest in a few such items. If you can get personalised ones it would be even better. Ask the team working there to write a few names on those ribbons. These names will be the cities you have visited and loved the most. Glue the ribbons onto the map, in the correct places and you are done. You have one personal and unique painting ready to hang on the wall.


Handmade products are the best


If you want your home to be special, then you need to focus on unique decorating pieces. These would be handmade ones. You cannot get more special than that. If they are a bit old, antiques, then it is even better. Visit flea markets and invest in trinkets, nothing too expensive. The secret here is not financial value, but spiritual one. Flea markets are the best place to visit for such a purpose!


Table cloths: vintage yet appealing details


Nowadays, people no longer table cloths. In most cases, they might not prove to be practical. However, this should not mean that you have to deny them altogether. Tablecloths are vintage items, but they are extremely welcoming and homey. They have this impressive effect on any house, turning it into a home, a welcoming environment in a heartbeat. If you do not have tablecloths you can use, invest in a few. The market is still filled with them and some of the patterns are absolutely amazing. Plus, when you will see the effect it had on your home, you will end up loving that tablecloth.


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The flower’s speech: what does it say?

The flower’s speech: what does it say?

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Decorations | 0 comments

Spoiling women is a much more complex task than you have bargained for. To make a women feel loved and cherished, you need to offer her much more than expensive bags or designer pair of shoes. Although these are highly appreciated, they do not manage to send the correct manage every time. There is however a way that will function every time. If you use this method you will never fail. And it’s simple, too. Offer your beloved wife, mother, friend or life partner a flower. That’s all. This plant has a speech, a complex one and where there are years to hear, the flower will keep on talking. Wondering what it’s saying? Here are a few clues.



A flower bouquet for a wedding


The bride and her lucky bridesmaids hold flowers and the bouquets they have signify something. They are not simple accessories these proud women use throughout the day of the big event. Beautifully decorated with all sorts of items bought from dedicated and trustworthy floristry ribbons UK providers, the bouquet is a symbol of love and purity. It signifies the joy of the union between two soul mates, the purity of their love and its resistance in time. The flowers are like a choir that sings of happiness and joy. It is just as it should be.


Receiving a flower from a friend


When women receive flowers, their entire day changes, for the better. It is absolutely refreshing to see how much power is stored in this plant. You offer a woman a flower, with love and affection and in return, you receive many, many thanks, dressed in kisses, hugs, sometimes even tears. A flower says that the woman is appreciated, loved and respected. A flower speaks highly of her and about the impression she made. At the end of the day, a flower will be exactly this, that push forward you sometimes need to continue your road, even if sometimes things aren’t what they are supposed to.


Flowers in the room


What do interior flowers say? Do they talk about the design? Offer tips and pieces of advice on furnishing? Not exactly, but rather close. Flowers placed in your home will always speak highly of you. They will tell the world what a careful, considerate and mindful person you are. White flowers speak of purity, light and balance, while coloured ones mean joy and optimism. So, go ahead and decorate your home with flowers. Add a few bows as well, for the sake of design.

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