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Beautify your interior design with the right decorative details

Beautify your interior design with the right decorative details

Posted by on Dec 3, 2018 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

Giving your interior design a boost in appeal might seem complicated. Renovations costs way too much, replacing furniture items isn’t cheap also, so what can you do to achieve the beautifying effect desired? Well, the way you choose to decorate the premises will have an influence on how your entire interior design looks like, and with the right decorative details added, the outcomes might just impress you. Here are a few tips you might find helpful on the matter:


A touch of colour

The simplest way to make the premises of your household a bit more visually appealing would be to add more colour. A wall print with a colourful and interesting pattern, some tartan ribbon UK used as curtain ties, a few cushions on your living room sofa in vibrant tones, you have a virtually endless list of options through which you can make your interior design sparkle. With the right colour scheme incorporated, it’s impossible for the aesthetics of the place to seem dull.

DIY elements

There’s no better decoration to give your interior that homey, authentic vibe than one you have created yourself. DIY decorations are extremely effective in making interior aesthetics benefit from authentic, unique styles, and with so many tutorials found on the internet nowadays, you can learn to create the most beautiful elements without much effort. Regardless of what type of decoration you think you would be able to design best, put your skills to good use and you’ll love the results.

Shabby chic items

The shabby chic style is an option you can’t go wrong with, and because this trend allows the mixing and matching of various items, both modern and retro ones, you have all the freedom you need to create the most interesting blends of colours and patterns. From a retro coffee table placed in your living room, to a painting with an interesting frame or a hand painted vase, use unconventional items to create that shabby chic aesthetical pattern. Yard sales are the perfect place to come across unique decorative items.

Your household doesn’t need expensive renovations or furniture replacements for you to increase the curb appeal of your interior design, a few decorative touches chosen with care having quite an amazing effect on home aesthetics. The right decorative details will bring new vibes into your interior and make home areas fresher and more beautiful, and with these tips in mind, you can proceed with the improvements desired whenever you want.

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The key looks that are going to dominate the house design industry in 2019

The key looks that are going to dominate the house design industry in 2019

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

Forget what you knew about house design. Trends are rapidly changing and if you are passionate about this topic or you want your house to respect them, you should get informed about them as soon as possible. This article is going to present the key looks that are expected for the following year, including some tips and trips on how to achieve them without spending tremendous amounts of money. These looks include both interior designs and garden & backyard designs. See what can be applied to your own home and start making the changes. From buying skifermur for your backyard to the new ways to combine furniture, you will find it all here.


Offer more attention to your backyard

2018 was all about interior design, but 2019 focuses on the outside environment. Investing more attention into the way your backyard and garden looks is a must. Adding granitt trapp to your pathways is now a trend, so say goodbye to grass or dirt ones. Your garden should represent the relaxing zone of your entire home, a sanctuary that you can always come to after a stressful day.

Don’t forget to include a BBQ area in your garden. You can have some friends over and host events during weekends. 2019 is also the year of high tech appliances. This is the reason why you might want to save some money for investing in a smart TV that you can place in your garden during summer or a Bluetooth sound system. The goal is to transform your backyard into the place you want to come back to every evening instead of going out.

Combine elements creatively

No matter if talking about exterior or interior design, you have to learn how to combine all the items in a creative manner. Adding personality to the way your home looks is now the biggest trend. Don’t try to imitate designs that you see in magazines or on the Internet and put your own imprint on the space instead. Choose a unique type of granittmur instead of opting for the one that is the most selected by customers. Let your imagination go wild and do everything as you please. Combine different decorating styles and stop worrying about whether the items match or not.

Matching is no longer required

Talking about matching items, you can combine different elements from distinct decorating styles. As long as everything looks the way you imagined and you obtained the ambiance you desired, the items match one another. Buy furniture that’s unique and individual. DIY will be quite popular in 2019, so if you have any old, traditional furniture that needs restoration, don’t hesitate and do something new with it. The more personality your house has, the more appreciated it will be. Keep an eye on what the biggest house designers promote. Whenever you want to make a change, pay attention to your preferences and build a personal style.

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Decorating your dream house – why consider hiring interior designers

Decorating your dream house – why consider hiring interior designers

Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

Decorating your house can be one of the most interesting things, because you put your creativity and imagination at work. However, it can sometimes turn into a frustrating task that takes up a lot of time and that seems to never end. This is when professional interior decorators come to the rescue. Know that there are many interior designers promoting their services on the Internet, but not all of them have good reputation or provide top quality services. If you need an example, one trust-worthy company to hire is Kluk. Below there are the main reasons why hiring professionals to decorate your house is a good choice.

It saves you time

You may have some great decorating ideas in your mind that you want to apply on your house, but you probably don’t have the necessary time to do it. After all, this project can take up to several days, especially if you are a perfectionist. By hiring a team of professional interior designers, you can save yourself a great deal of time. Besides that during the time they decorate your house you can engage in other activities, such as spending some quality time with your family, this team of professionals will spend far less time decorating the house. They do this on a regular basis, after all, so they know exactly what to begin with and how to organize their tasks.

It saves you money

This may be hard to believe at first, but if you think it through you will see that hiring interior designers can actually save you money. Most people are prone to make some crucial mistakes in the decorating process, which imply spending money on items that just don’t match to be placed in the same room. A designer knows exactly how to avoid these common mistakes and how to bring that genuine touch to your room so that it represents you.

It’s all about the “wow” factor

No matter how hard you try, you will never get the same results in decorating your house as a professional will. And there is one very good reason for this – interior designers have vast knowledge in the field and they know how to arrange the furniture and any other decorating items in a way that they bring that “wow” effect into your house. Designers are somehow forced to think outside the box, considering though their customers’ requirements.

Keen eye for details

Interior designers have trained eyes and they pay great attention to every detail, regardless of how small it is. Arranging those three paintings to an exact and specific distance in-between and placing that sofa exactly where it looks the best is what they are trained to do. They can provide immediate consult and tell you in case something is either right or wrong with a space and this is a crucial advantage, especially when it comes to aesthetic decisions. This is the result of years of experience in the field.

Interior designers don’t help you only with placing the right furniture in the right place in a room, but they also create a story and bring that unique touch to the space.

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How to decorate your new born’s room

How to decorate your new born’s room

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

Parenting is the most beautiful thing in the world because you have a great satisfaction when you see how beautiful your child grows. However, young parents are always so scarred because they don’t have experience in taking care of a little soul. It is true that you have to be mature enough when you choose to have a child, but any future parent doesn’t know how to do that until he or she is forced to face difficult situations. After a while, every parent confesses that having a child is a real blessing and nothing can be compared with that.  Mothers are those who are crazy when it comes to offer the best things to their babies. This is why they start to prepare everything very early. Decorating the room of the new born is the most beautiful thing that they can do but for this, they need a lot of money. Fortunately, they can buy satin ribbons that can be used in many different and cheap DIY projects for decorating houses.


The colour is very important

If you are going to have a baby, you should start decorating his or her room early because it can take a lot of time. It is normal to be undecided because it can be even more important than decorating your own rom considering the fact that your baby is the most important thing for you. It is very important to decide the colour of the room because it would be better if you would choose everything in order to match that colour. It is true that a baby room has to be very colourful, but it can be more beautiful and elegant if you focus on a certain colour. If you will have a girl, you should use colours like pink or orange because they are so sweet and romantic. However, it is not wrong to use blue in a girl room because you don’t have to listen to some misconceptions. A boy’s room has also to be full of colour but many people believe that red, pink or yellow are not good for boys.

Make some personalized curtains

If you want to save some money, you can decide to make some DYI decorations for your baby’s room. Making some big curtains can be a very interesting idea. You can choose some old but nice curtains that you don’t use and start to transform them. You can use some beautiful ribbons because they would look very nice on any curtain. The size is your choice, but be careful to apply them in a beautiful way at equal distances.

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