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Whether you are constrained by an unfavorable economic, political or societal context or it is simply a personal choice due to some preferences you might have, immigration is a solution for a large number of individuals. Many companies have specialized in offering assistance in the immigrating process. They can provide assistance in order to get your VISA card, a work permit or a permanent residence. Their services cover all the aspects above, as well as assistance with humanitarian and compassionate applications. Moreover, they provide their customers representation on the Federal Court. One company of this type is Canada for me. However, accommodation can be the most difficult part due to cultural differences and mentalities. Below is a list of aspects you should consider before moving to Canada.

Canada’s climate is a cold one

If you are accustomed with a warm climate, you might find it difficult to deal with the cold weather in Canada. Temperatures in the cold season can reach negative values around -30 Celsius Degrees. However, weather is a lot more pleasant in the warm season when values can reach 26 Celsius Degrees. Have in mind that you should not take summer in Canada for granted. Bad weather can occur even in the warm season.

Do some research about the living expenses

Before choosing a town to move in, our advice is to do some research about the average wages as well as the rental costs. Oftentimes, in cities where the living expenses are high, so are the salaries. However, if you do not have the financial means to start in an expensive area, the best for you would be to go for a cheaper one. Montreal, for example, is an area with lower rent costs, while Vancouver or Alberta are not that pocket-friendly areas.

Taxes can increase your expenses

In Canada, both Government and provincial entities have the right to collect taxes. The taxes are different in every province. However, there are a number of tax calculators in order to find out what province might be appropriate according to your income.

Canada is a multicultural country

Different languages, customs, religions and traditions are a part of what Canada is, more exactly a divers and democratic country. Being an immigrant is about adapting your way of living and mentality, and trying to preserve your traditions and individual traits as well. In Canada, you can find respect regarding your traits as an immigrant, but it is also important to respect other individuals no matter their religion, culture or ethnicity.

We know that the process can be difficult and slow. However, if you seek professional assistance it can become more pleasant and the paperwork more easy to deal with. Respecting what the country represents in terms of culture and being aware of the political, economic and social context can make your accommodation process a lot easier. Another good advice would be to search the job market prior of making the decision in order to be aware of the necessities and wages.