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When travelling the most important part is not necessarily represented by what you get to see and visit, but rather the accommodation services that let you really enjoy the vacation experience. While many people choose to stay in hotel room owing to the fact that they are able to provide them with the comfort that they need, there are lots of accommodation options to choose from, such as luxury serviced apartments. The greatest advantage is represented by the fact that they have become quite accessible so that even the average person can afford to stay in them during the vacation. The difference between high-end residences and hotel rooms is visible at the level of accommodation and the size of the accommodation. The size of high-end residences is comparable to that of penthouse suite.

The size definitely matters because interior decorators need lots of space in order to embellish the room for the customers. Deluxe conditions also refer to the location of the residence, in other words they are located in the heart of metropolitan cities such as Paris, London or Rome. Location is highly important because the customer requires access to malls and entertainment facilities such as museums, theatres and opera. For instance, those who choose to reside during their passage in hotels that are situated at the outskirts of town do not have immediate access to all the perks offered by the big city life. Moreover, the biggest difference between luxury holiday apartments and hotel suites is represented by the level of privacy provided. In a hotel you are most likely to encounter numerous persons, whereas in a private residence you can enjoy the company of your travel buddies. They are also safer owing to the fact that they are equipped with security gates that are meant to protect the residents from intruders. In terms of facilities, the services provided cannot be compared to those of valet parking or the presence of a personal gym. Besides this, no hotel room will be available with swimming pools unless you are prepared to pay big. In a high-end residence you are given the possibility of choosing between pools and Jacuzzi or you can have them both.

Luxury apartments are ideal for businesspersons who go on regular business trips due to the fact that the accommodation is equipped with all the necessary means in order to carry out work such as Internet connection that allows the tenant to access social media platforms or email clients. There is really no reason for which a delegation cannot relax at the bar without worrying that someone will surprise them. By and large, the tenant does not have as many obligations as he would normally do in a hotel room where you have to leave everything exactly as you found it. In addition to this, you can prolong your visit in order to discover the beauties of the city. Maybe the greatest advantage of choosing a high-end residence to rent for the vacation is the fact that all the facilities provided to you do not come at extra cost, not to mention the fact that they are suitable for both families and single travellers.